Valentines Day For Outdoorsy Ladies: 7 Gifts That Don’t Suck

Here are the 7 Best Valentines Day Gifts For the Outdoorsy Woman we could find. Sure, there are other things you could do like cheap chocolate boxes, overpriced flowers that die in a week, and diamonds that will shrink your wallet forever. 

Well, gents, it’s that time of year again. Now, I’m not just assuming you wait until the last minute to grab an awesome gift. No, not assuming, I know first hand from years of my own mistakes and I’m casually inserting your decision making to pad my ego. Make sense? Good. Shall we continue? Yes, let’s move on. 

Let’s be honest, do women these days still swoon over gold bracelets and flowers? Sure, maybe the Basic B’s, but if you have a woman in your life anything like mine, she swoons over Utah Slick Rocks, Alpine Lakes, and me when I flex. Well, maybe not that last part, but you get my point. It’s time to get the outdoorsy girl in your life what she actually wants! So without further bad jokes from me, let’s talk all things Awesome Outdoorsy Valentines Day Gifts.  

Garmin Fenix 6S Pro Solar Edition

Garmin has been killing it in the outdoor watch space. From live GPS map tracking to health stats, the Garmin gets the outdoors and they aren’t showing any signs of slowing down in 2021. According to Garmin, the Pro Solar Edition can run up to 14 days on all solar power. Now thanks to the latest Fenix 6S Pro Solar Edition, your outdoorsy lady can now go green and keep her watch charged just by doing what she already loves, being outdoors!

***We recommend the Light Gold with Light Sand Band color scheme but there are several others and endless watch band options that can easily be switched out. 

NEMO Equipment Stargazer Reclining Camp Chair

NEMO already screams quality, if you haven’t checked out their gear, you’re missing out. From sleeping bags and pads to tents and camp showers, NEMO is a company that builds quality outdoor products, backed by a lifetime guarantee.

What I personally love about this aside from coolness factors and uniqueness, is the fact that this chair can be used for sitting up and chatting with friends, or kicked back in the recliner mode. While some camp chairs do recline, they are large, cumbersome, heavy, and generally not built outdoor tough.

I’m speaking highly of this, I get it, but have you sat in one? Have you gazed at the stars in it? Have you watched your kid’s soccer game in a level of comfort that leaves other soccer moms and dads in pure jealousy mode?

Look, we get it, it’s a camp chair, right? No, no, no my friends, this is the GOAT of all camp chairs. In fact, once you get this for your lady, you might find yourself stargazing in it yourself. My advice? Get two, you will thank me later. NEMO killed it with this camp chair. A Full review here.

Darn Tough Vermont Hiking Socks

Ever had amazing socks? If the answer is yes, you already bought these and know all you need to know. If the answer is no, then you will fully understand once you wear these socks. Darn Tough makes wonderfully comfortable, durable, women’s hiking socks that combine moisture-wicking Merino Wool with a little trail magic for the best hike sock you’ll own. Lifetime guaranteed. Nuff Said.

Oh wait, I’m gonna say more, right now they have a Valentines Special, check it out in the banner ad below:

Zippo HeatBank 9s Plus Rechargeable Hand Warmer

Gone are the days of buying Costco sized bags of disposable hand warmers that end up getting found in your dryer the week after a winter camping trip (I just found two in my dryer today). Cold hands suck, guy or girl, it doesn’t matter. Let’s make that next winter camping trip an epic one, and that starts with keeping warm so you can enjoy the trip! Zippo has created a remarkably smart hand warmer. 

The Zippo Heatbank 9s Plus is a palm-sized hand warmer, that runs on a rechargeable 5,200 mAh lithium polymer rechargeable battery and lasts for 9 hours. On top of that, this little hand warmer features a built-in flashlight to illuminate your route at night or help you find your beanie at 3 am because your head is cold. Charge this little warmer up, toss it in your pockets on a hike or toss it in your sleeping bag to keep your toes warm. Never worry about those disposable warmers ever again. 

Therm-a-Rest Vela Double 20 Quilt

Never need an excuse to cuddle and camp again! Cozy up together in and stargaze in this ultra-comfortable sleeping bag made for two by Therm-a-Rest. Rated for 20 degrees and featuring 650-fill-power Nikwax® Hydrophobic Down™ absorbs 90% less water than regular down and dries 3 times faster without using PFCs.


Night Scout Rechargeable LED Beanie

Straight up, when I first saw this I thought it was a cheap gimmick item….then I used one. Wow, this is an absolute game-changer. At first glance, it’s a beanie with a light, sure. But, there is a bit more going on. The built-in LED is bright, to begin with, but beyond that, the LED light pops right out and reveals a very small USB stick that slides right into ANY USB charger, no need for cables or batteries. On top of that, the beanie and light combo are so slim and sleek you don’t even realize it’s there.

Jackery 500 Portable Power Station

This might be for you, just don’t tell her. It is also another item that at first I didn’t think we needed, but again, once you get used to having on-demand power for all your devices, it becomes a bit addicting. This Jackery 500 features 518WH of outdoor power that can handle anything from your phone to a 40” TV. I’m not saying you will have a TV in the outdoors with you, but should you need one? Jackery has your back!

**Plus, Jackery has knocked $80 off the Jackery 500 making it much cheaper than before. 

Final Thoughts

There you have gentleman! Your all ready to win over your outdoorsy lady with these sweet Valentine’s Day 2021 gifts that don’t suck. I hope this was helpful and she is loving it when she opens it. If she gets mad, please send your emails to someone else, I’m just a guy on the internet, why would you listen to me?

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