Camping With Blankets for Cozy Stargazing

Looking for the best blankets for camping? Well, there are some things you need to know about the fabric materials used, thickness, and overall comfort that will impact what you decide to buy. So, let’s look at the best blankets for camping.

Camping with blankets is kind of essential, because, well let’s be honest, you have to protect yourself from the temperatures. Blankets keep you warm, provide you with comfort, and are great at repelling the elements.

Camping and Blankets Just Work Together

I don’t know about you but I love camping year-round. I live in Colorado and this place is amazing if you love the outdoors as much as I do.

However, that presents a BIG issue for me come December through April, and that’s trying to keep warm and from freezing when I’m sleeping late at night (or huddled around a campfire with my Borealis Flask from High Camp Flasks).

If you happened to be a veteran, you probably are familiar with the GOAT of camping blankets, the good ol Poncho Liner!

That thing was amazing and to be honest, I still have one! While it’s still my favorite for a nostalgic reasons, there have been some sweet upgrades to camping with blankets over the years.

Let’s be resourceful too, these blankets pair well with not just camping, but with concerts, kids soccer games, backyard fun, or even out just stargazing.

They are really versatile and save you from beating up your nice bedding from the house. Fortunately, we have options for camping with blankets! Let’s talk shop all around camping with blankets.

Do You Need A Blanket With A Sleeping Bag Camping?

When you are out camping and you are using nothing but a sleeping bag, do you also have to use a blanket along with it? Well, no.

The reason is that sleeping bags were already made to have the same kind of waterproof, insulation, and comfort features that most blankets have.

That means that there is no reason for you to be using a blanket when you are out there camping while using a sleeping bag.

Probably the only reason you would need a blanket together with a sleeping bag is if the weather is too cold and not even the warmth of the campfire and the insulation of the sleeping bag can keep you warm.

But you probably won’t be planning one of your camping trips during a, particularly cold season especially if you are only planning on using a sleeping bag (ok maybe you won’t, but I might).

Are Blankets Better Than Sleeping Bags?

So, if sleeping bags are just as good as blankets, is there a reason why you would go for a blanket instead? Are blankets better than sleeping bags?

Well, it really depends. There are some instances where camping with blankets are better than sleeping bags. Here are some of the advantages of a blanket over a sleeping bag:

  • They are more durable and easier to clean and maintain.
  • Wool blankets are able to withstand fire and are great to use if you are sleeping close to the campfire.
  • Even when they are wet, blankets don’t lose a lot of their insulation compared to sleeping bags.
  • Blankets are by far more versatile because you can use them as clothing or as mats.

On the other hand, sleeping bags do have their advantages as well especially if you are looking for materials that provide more insulation and are easier to compress than blankets.

It really depends on the situation and on the personal preference of the one camping out but blankets generally offer more benefits than sleeping bags do.

What Is The Best Blanket For Camping?

Remember when I said we have options when it comes to camping with blankets? Well my friends, we do!

Yeti Lowlands Camping Blanket – Best Overall

Let’s kick this off with a hefty price (don’t worry, the next one is cheap and great!). Get cozy at outdoor concerts, tailgates, or backcountry post-ups with the all-terrain comfort of the YETI Lowlands Blanket.

It’s waterproof on the outside and soft, padded, and insulated on the inside. This takes camping with blankets to another level.

  • Double-duty comfort—durable and waterproof on the outside, padded and insulated on the inside
  • Hydrobarrier waterproof layer resists wet ground of any kind to help keep you dry
  • Pet-protected so your dog will love it, too—it repels dirt and burrs and easily shakes off pet hair
  • Machine wash and dry: Throw it in with other like laundry, end of story

Check it out here if you’re interested.

The Traditional “Mexican Blanket” Best Budget Camping Blanket

These handwoven Mexican Blankets are thick, soft, and vibrantly colored. Beautifully woven by artisans on a traditional wooden loom.

The bajas and serapes will not only remind you of old Mexico but they are also cozy and practical.

Sometimes, the old ways are the best ways and there’s a great reason these blankets have a timeless quality and style — literally have stood the test of time.

No arguments here, I keep a few around for all sorts of scenarios. You can even find these on Amazon here if you want to check them out.

Oceas Outdoor Waterproof Blanket

The Oceas claims a 100% waterproof blanket. Why Oceas? Unlike other water-resistant competitors, the engineers designed the blankets to ensure that no water can slip through.

The backing is double-coated and ready to take on all weather. Oceas outdoor camping blanket is also backed by a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee with a free 1-year replacement warranty. Not bad! You Can Check them out here on Amazon.

Scuddles Extra Large Camping Blanket

Durable & Waterproof Camping Blanket: This picnic blanket is constructed with a waterproof PEVA backing in order to keep out moisture, for comfortable seating and easy clean-up.

This blanket is super easy to clean due to its durable and waterproof backing. Easily shake & wipe off dirt, mud, wet grass, and beach sand. Check them out here on Amazon.

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

If you are looking for the best overall camping with blankets you can use whenever you are outdoors, the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket is our favorite.

What makes it one of the best the market has to offer is that it is thick, durable, heavy, and very warm.

All those qualities make it a versatile blanket that can be used for the outdoors regardless of whether you are camping, in a sporting event, or in the middle of a survival situation.

Of course, the Arcturus Military Wool Blanket is large enough for you to share with someone else so that you can enjoy the moment together as a pair or even as a small group.

You can check the Arcturus Wool Blanket here if you are interested. 

SuitedNomad XL Waterproof Fleece Outdoor BlanketBest bang for the buck

SuitedNomad XL is actually very versatile because you can use it for a wide variety of purposes other than just for camping.

Whether you are outdoor enjoying a baseball or a soccer game during the colder seasons or whenever you are out on a picnic with family and friends, it works really well and can be shared with a few other people because of its sheer size.

Aside from its waterproof feature and its ability to keep you warm with its great insulation, what we love about this blanket is that it is actually pretty solid at keeping off bad odors even after using it for more than a couple of times without washing it.

And of course, it is actually pretty affordable compared to all of the other camping blankets on the market. You can check the SuitedNomad XL here if you want to look at its prices.

SLCCO Outdoor Beach & Picnic BlanketBest Waterproof Blanket

While all of the other picks we have on this list were meant to be used primarily for the wilderness, this outdoor blanket called SLCCO Outdoor Beach & Picnic Blanket is better-suited for the beach.

That means that it doesn’t have the same kind of weight and size that most outdoor blankets have but it was designed to be easier and more convenient for you to carry around.

Of course, even though it is better to use it for your beach trips, it can still be used for hiking and camping.

The major selling point of the SLCCO Outdoor Beach & Picnic Blanket is how it was built to withstand the water because of how it was made with the same material as a parachute to make sure that water doesn’t seep through it.

As such, if you are on a beach trip or if you are camping during a particularly rainy day, this blanket is a sure pick when it comes to keeping you dry. Go here if you want to learn more about the SLCCO Outdoor Beach & Picnic Blanket.

EKTOS 100% Wool Blanket – Warmest Camping Blanket

Made of 100% wool, the EKTOS 100% Wool Blanket will surely keep you at your warmest whenever you are camping out during a particularly cold season or even when you are simply staying at home in the middle of a really cold winter.

When it comes to camping with blankets, the rugged, thick, and heavy design makes it a fantastic blanket at keeping you warm and insulated inside but the wool material also sees to it that you will stay comfortable. Check them out here on Amazon.

Final Word

Welp, that’s it, folks! I doubt you’re still hanging out with us by now, your likely off grabbing a sweet new camping blanket for your next trip out!

BTW, this article pairs well with our Best Camping Chairs That Recline article. I hope to see you on the trail, now go GET OUTSIDE!

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