Swinging Camp Chairs: Here’s the Bottom Line

Not all chairs are created the same. Let’s Talk About the best swinging camp chairs. Have you heard? Swinging Camp Chairs are changing the camp game, permanently.

However, you need to do this right, both from a safety and comfort standpoint.

A Swinging Camp Chair?

Camping chairs have relatively remained the same over the years. You know the drill, a quad-fold style chair, snagged from a big box store made up of single stitched nylon fabric with a quick “weatherproofing” spray film and some cheap plastic trim. Pretty standard, right?

If you’re like most, you grabbed one of these a few years back, it still holds up minus a few tears and cracks and you haven’t looked back since. You see, I was in the same boat as you, why look for a new one when my old one works just fine?

Well, things have stepped up a bit since we last looked.

Why A Swinging Camp Chair?

Back in 2017(ish) I went camping with my buddy CJ and he introduced me to the NEMO Stargazer camp chair. He pulled out a nice carry bag and set up a very odd-looking camp chair that swings and reclines. Now, initially, I thought it was awkward looking and frankly, didn’t see the appeal.

About a full year later, we were camping, and out comes that awkward chair again and I shrugged it off. Then, I sat in it…..OMG. These chairs are amazing. The comfort factor hits you first. There is a “hugging” action that keeps you instantly cozy and relaxed. Beyond that, with a quick leaning bak action, you are reclining back into a position that will quickly have you not wanting to get up.

Then? Well, you start casually swinging back and forth without even thinking about it, it just comes naturally when you’re in the stargazer. Pair this action with your feet on a rock or cooler? Well, you may never get up again, like ever (or at least ever want to).

Cheap Swinging Camp Chairs Do Not Equal Good Swinging Camp Chairs!

I asked CJ what he paid for this chair and when he said something like $200 I was instantly over the chair……but, I wasn’t, I just “wanted” to be over it. With me being…. well, me, I decided to look for a cheaper version of swinging or reclining camp chair. I came across several on Amazon that was cheaper, however, the reviews quickly remind you that, you get what you pay for.

I coughed up the cash, got a NEMO Stargazer and never looked back. To be frank, it’s become one of my favorite parts of camping. Lets be honest, we camp because we love to get away from it all and just explore….and relax! There is no better way to relax than with a swinging camp chair.

The BEST Swinging Camp Chair that Also Reclines

NEMO Stargaze Luxury Camp Chair

Folks, the NEMO Stargazer Luxury Reclining Camp Chair is the camp chair to end all camp chairs. REI.com link here: NEMO Stargazer

NEMO Stargazer Quick Facts:

Look, folks, Im not here to tell you what to buy, I’m just going to say go buy the NEMO Stargazer, you will NOT regret it. If you do? email me, I’ll take it off your hands! Check out our full NEMO Stargaze review here: Reclining Camp Chairs CHANGER

We’re Done!

You see what i did here? I didn’t give an exhaustive list full of random swinging camp chairs. I quite literally gave you the best one on the market today. If you know of a better option, let me know and I’ll eat my NEMO Stargaze.

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