About Us


After getting burnt out on military and LEO work, I decided to focus on what mattered the most. For me, that was my family, friends, and the outdoors. We live in the Rocky Mountains of Northern Colorado and spend all available time exploring.

I successfully completed the infamous DIY Backpacking Elk Hunt in the Bridger-Teton National Forest of Wyoming. Every year I camp over 50 nights either with my bird dog, Hank, or my family (mostly us all together).

I’ve been all over the west and keep moving and learning to this day. Over the last 20 years, I’ve bought so much gear, made so many mistakes, I figured I’d dedicate some time into sharing the successes (and failures) with you.Buckle up, I screw up a lot. Something on your mind? Drop me a line, I’d love to help you out! Message me here.


I am a family man who enjoys the outdoors and keeping the family active. As an active duty Air Force Officer, we do not stay in one location too long, giving us the opportunity to experience different environments and cultures. My time in the service has afforded me the opportunity to be issued various gear that has been tested in in real world scenarios.

The Air Force has recently sent us to beautiful Colorado Springs where we will take full advantage of the great outdoors. When I’m not at work, we are out camping, mountain biking, hiking, trail running, etc….we are not afraid to explore and try new things.

We are patiently awaiting the arrival of our Off-Grid Teardrop Camping Trailer from Escapod, which will lead to some epic camping and exploring trips.

By sharing my experiences, I hope that you too will get out and explore! If you ever have any questions or would just like to chat I can be reached here.