The Dyrt Pro App: Is This The GOAT of Camping Apps? YES.

Whether you are venturing out for the first time or a seasoned overlanding and camping pro, there’s one app for your phone that rises above them all. When it comes to locating the best camping spots, both paid and free, you want The Dyrt.

When the family and I started camping, we would do our best to find good camping spots. When I say we did “our best” I basically mean we would google “Free camping near me” and hope for the best. Sometimes, we might get lucky and find a good spot, but often the results were not up-to-date and the camping spot was either not good, closed, or the map leading in was wrong and we found ourselves stuck at a gate late at night. Not fun, folks.

We then started using apps specifically for finding camp spots and this was a huge upgrade. With a good camping app we could narrow our search to paid or free spots, public or private. Now, understand, we tried them all, from Campendium to Ultimate Campground and many others. Want to know what we learned? Not all campground apps are created equal. Then we found The Dyrt PRO.

The Dyrt App Review (Free and Pro Versions)

Depending on user base, the reviews of the campground you are looking for are either outdated or none at all, once again leaving you in a position where you need to trust your gut or just chance it and hope the campsite is there when you get there.

Finally, and I mean finally, we got an app named The Dyrt and it is the GOAT (Greatest Of All Time) of campsite apps. Authentic reviews are what make The Dyrt the #1 camping app of 2020. Until now, you could not access the location or reviews of campgrounds if you lost service or WiFi. PRO changes that, giving you all US campsites plus their reviews offline. When you upgrade to PRO, the entire database gets stored on your phone so you can access it anywhere. You can also download detailed maps of anywhere in the US. As a PRO user, you even have certain fees waives when booking campgrounds on The Dyrt.

From finding a sweet spot right off your route, all the way to finding truly hidden and rarely used gems in the BLM backcountry, The Dyrt PRO has so many great spots just waiting for adventurers to take part. More on BLM Spots can be found here.

The Dyrt PRO Features

  • Search for campground while offline
  • Read reviews of campgrounds while offline
  • Download regional map details for offline
  • Download your saved campground lists for offline
  • Waive processing fees when you book on The Dyrt

I don’t care if you’re camping down in the Ozarks, or out west in Moab, The Dyrt PRO is going to have all the info you need at your fingertips and when you’re not in a data area? No problem, The Dyrt PRO allows you to download all your trips and the regions around them so you can still find the perfect camping spot along your route with or without service!

Not to mention, with the incredibly active user-base, you have genuine, up-to-date real user accounts of campsites. Why is this important? because you will get honest feedback about a campsite that you wont normally get on a advertised campsite. Little good-to-know facts like how far you are from services, the cell service for each carrier, whether or not its a busy area as well as knowing the amenities each site has before you show up. With all of this great info, it really helps ease your trip and save some headaches so you can actually enjoy your camping trip rather than running into dead-ends and issues when your out camping.

The Dyrt is a Free App and the free version has lots to enjoy, however by paying the $35 for the PRO version, you get to unlock lots more features and specifically the downloading offline maps and route planners that become invaluable as you venture out and cell phone service is spotty or non-existent.

But here is the best part, if you’re not a fan of paying for the premium service, just grab the app and use the 7-day free trial for the Dryt PRO version, and you’re not obligated to use it after your trip. That way, you get all the perks of the app, you get to find those sweet camping spots, and you’re not out any extra cash, that’s a win/win.

Final Thoughts

The 2021 camping season is upon us, and well, it’s time to get Dyrty, do yourself a favor and download The Dyrt App and definitely upgrade to The Dyrt PRO. You will use less aspirin, fight less with your spouse, look better naked, and thank us when you get home.

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