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Check out our latest episodes of the Off-Grid Essential Podcast! We discuss it all from camping and Overlanding to self-recovery and self-reliance all the way to keeping the kids cozy in winter adventures!

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S1, E13: Funding Fulltime Travel; How To Make Money Online

S1, E12: A Roof Top Tent or a Camper Shell For Truck bed Cramping? Here Is How To Decide

S1, E11: How Much Does Camping Cost and Tips To Save in 2021, and the Jeep Gladiator Gets a Topper!

S1, E10: New National Park Drone Rules, Changes to Overland Expo Dates and The Dumb Dumb of the Month!

S1, E9: Veteran Vans with Rafael Mercedes and How One Veteran is Changing the Van Building Business Landscape

Here we sit down with Rafael Mercedes. Rafael recently separated from active duty military where he served as an electrician for 8 years. Now, Rafael has started a van building company and looking to hire veterans to help build others the van of their dreams. From online consultations to full van builds, Rafael plans to bring some authenticity to the Van Building Business. If your looking for some van building services or even have a question, definitely give Rafael and Veteran Vans a look. You can find Veteran Vans on Instagram and on YouTube. Be sure to Follow Off-Grid Essential on Instagram and YouTube as well!

S1, E8: Overlanding 101: You Are You’re Own First Responder

Hey all! In this week’s episode, CJ and I discuss the cornerstone of Overlanding and self-reliance, and that starts with preparedness and understanding that when your out in the unknown, “You Are You’re Own First Responder”. If you embrace this concept, it will make your trips more enjoyable and give you that peace of mind that you have taken steps to prepare yourself and you can manage most issues that arise when out on the trail! 

S1, E7: Off-Road Self Recovery Gear: Here’s The Only Things You Will Need

Don’t get caught up in the hype, here’s the only gear you need that will get you out of 90% of issues you encounter when you need to get yourself out of a jam. More on that here.

S1, E6: Overlanding vs Camping: Whats The Difference? and How To Get Started Overlanding

The word Overlanding seems to be a bit of an outdoor industry buzzword. But what’s the difference between Overlanding and Camping?  Many people often ask me about this and also ask how to get started in Overlanding, so, here we discuss those very topics.

S1, E5: Are Teardrop Trailers Family Friendly?

The thought of buying a new RV or Trailer can be a bit daunting and many people don’t want a huge RV sitting in their driveway or footing the cost of storage. When this happens, people look to teardrop and off-road trailers, because of this that leads people to wonder if a family can still benefit from a small teardrop trailer. CJ has a family of 5 and discusses his experience with a large family and traveling in a teardrop trailer. 

S1, E4: VANLIFE: Do You Really NEED 4×4 or AWD? Is 2WD Enough?

Hey there! In this episode, we discuss whether or not you really need a 4×4/AWD Van or if the more affordable 2WD models are sufficient. From Ram Promaster and Ford Transits all the way to the 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter Vans, we cover it all and offer tips for each choice you make! 

S1, E3: BLM Campsite Fee Increase 2021, Free NP Access 2021, and “Dumb Dumb” Of the Week!

Hello everyone! In this week’s episode, we discuss the BLM campsite fee increase, where and why it’s happening, updated info on a currently missing hiker in Yosemite, share the 2021 FREE National Park dates, and introduce the “Dumb Dumb” of the Week!

S1, E2: Camping With Kids and Tips to Stay Warm

Here CJ and I did a truck podcast on a recent camping trip in the Buena Vista Valley of Colorado on BLM Land. We discuss keeping the kids warm I cold temps, our sleeping setups in a Hi-Roof van, a Rooftop Tent, and a unique experience dealing with Escapod Teardrop Trailers Customer Service. 

S1, E1: Winter Overlanding and Staying Warm in The Rooftop Tent

After a 1-degree night of winter camping in the rooftop tent, we discuss the lessons learned and future tips we have for rooftop tent camping in the winter. From heated blankets and hot hands all the way to diesel heaters. Plus, the solution we found that works best for us. So pull your rig up, hang by the fire, and let’s talk winter Overlanding!