16 Best Camping Tables With Storage and MORE

Looking for a camping table with attached chairs? Or maybe a camping table with built-in storage? How about a camping table with adjustable legs? Regardless of your specific needs, we have compiled the best list of portable camping tables out there, so buckle and grab a seat at our camping table and let’s talk shop around all things camping tables.

Why You Want A Camping Table

If you haven’t noticed, we are a bit keen on camping. The more we go, the more we learn. Of the things we have learned, a major point is a need for room to “work” when camping. That “work” might be preparing food, getting gear together, or just somewhere to sit and eat. Regardless of why you need a camping table with chairs and storage, here are the best out today.

While I do love using my tailgate for most things camping, it does get old, and cramped. Ever had your camp stove slip off the edge of the tailgate with that glorious jalapeño bbq burger falling to the ground? I have and it sucks. Well, I should clarify, it sucked for me, not my dog Hank, he is still hoping I don’t get a new camping table. Speaking of, read up here on how Blackstone Griddles are Changing Camp Chow.

Deciding On A Camping Table And Features

One thing I noticed when shopping for new camping tables, is the sheer vast types and availability. I mean, there are SOOOOOOO many type in various shapes, sizes and configurations. To be honest, these days, shopping for anything gets a bit overwhelming. So, because of this, I decided to make this page a good resource for all things camping tables. We will cover the best camping tables for solo campers, best camping tables for overlanders, best camping tables for couples, and best camping tables for families.

I’ll even break this up into categories like best camping tables with adjustable legs, best camping tables with storage, best camping tables with built-in sinks…..and everything in between! Seriously, we went overboard with this one, sit back and let’s do this.

Best Camping Tables For Solo Campers and Couples

1. Tire Table Vehicle Tire-Mounted Camping, Travel

This is a really unique design that most overlanders and jeepers swear by. It folds up small and compact and fits nicely onto your vehicles tire. Pretty nifty if you ask us.

2. Sportneer Portable Camping Table

What’s not to love here? This bad boy is small, compact, and LIGHTWEIGHT leaving your next solo trip a piece of cake whether packing in or just keeping it minimalistic, this portable folding camping table is perfect. Factor in the built-in storage mesh compartment, and your set up with this one.

2. Coleman Compact Rolltop Camping Table

This thing is impressive. Don’t take my word for it, check the literally THOUSANDS of positive reviews. With the lightweight aluminum design and roll-up packing, this little beast is lightweight, packs up small, and is backed by one of the longest-standing names in the camping game, Coleman.

3. Campland Adjustable Folding Table

What sets this apart from the herd of compact tables? This portable camping table features adjustable legs for increased versatility out in the backcountry, and an added bonus, a nice carrying case. Uneven terrain? The low height of your camping chair? No Problemo!

Speaking of, check out our write up on Reclining Camp Chairs, GAME CHANGER.

4. iClimb Ultralight Camping Table

This little guy packs up super small and is super light. Heading off in the backcountry on your own? This is your guy. Weighing in at just 1 pound, this little camping table can hold a load of 66lbs. Also includes a carrying case.

Best Camping Tables With Adjustable legs

1. Redcamp Adjustable Camp Table

This table boasts the adjustable legs, yes. However the mesh table top gives you a sturdy top that will allow debris to fall through keeping your surface clean (relative to camping clean).

2. Redcamp Aluminum Folding Adjustable Camp Table

Again with the Redcamp, but hey, they’re making a great table. This is similar to the table above, however is a bit smaller and carries a smooth table top without any mesh surface. This table carries a 24×16 size and 3 position settings to adjust the legs.

3. Flash Furniture Folding Camp Table Adjustable Height

This isn’t a company known for camping tables, however I’m sure you’ve seen this style of camp table with the foldable legs and classic white top. This is a true camping table that would serve most campers in any situation.

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Best Camping Tables with Built-in Storage Underneath

1. Campland Folding Camp Table with Storage Underneath

The Campland folding camping tables with built-in storage is a tough, dependable table that can store all your gear while you prepare that epic camp chow. This model features storage that has zipper-controlled doors so your food items stay out of the elements and aren’t drowning in the cooler.

2. Giantex Folding Camping Kitchen Table

This behemoth is basically your home kitchen joining you in the outdoors. Need to prepare a meal for Gordon Ramsey? Need to cook a Thanksgiving dinner? Need to store your entire pantry? We have you covered with this camping table.

3. WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Folding Portable Camping Table

This is more of a relatable camping table with storage underneath. Featuring the roll-up aluminum table top, this camping table makes good use of space while still offering the storage underneath.

Best Camping Tables For Families

1. KingCamp Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Folding Table

Gather the family around the table for some chow as this beast allows seating for up to 6 people! With a sturdy design and large table top, this is a great choice for families.

2. ALPS Mountaineering Dining Camping Table

This unique design allows for the whole family and weighs in at 12lbs. With quick fold up and cleanup, this large camping table for families is sure to do the trick.

3. Coleman Outdoor Folding Table with Mosaic Top

Now we’re GLAMPING. This Coleman large camping table for families is featuring a Mosaic tabletop to impress your wife’s friends.

Best Camping Tables with Sinks Built-In

1. Old Cedar Outfitters Lightweight Folding Table with Sink

Originally made for filleting fish, these tables now work excellent as a camping table option with a sink to cook and wash your hands in a nice all-in-one design.

2. GCI Outdoor Master Cook Portable Folding Camp Kitchen


If you are still around and looking for some camp cooking inspiration, check out Griddle King for tips on taking your griddle game to the next level! Well, this was a list, and I think we’ve covered this pretty well. no matter what type of campo table or camp kitchen you are looking for, there is sure to be something in here you want. Ultimately, it will come down to your scenario, the number of people involved, and your adventure’s location. With that said, I hope this was helpful, and remember, GET OUTSIDE and get out on the trail.

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