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Thinking about protecting that sweet interior? Check out our thoughts in this Canvasback Cargo Liner Review.

Canvasback Cargo Liner Review

One trait I have picked up from my time in the military is my desire to have everything neat, clean and in its proper place…insert my OCD.  Anytime someone enters my vehicle, the first thing they say is how clean it is. For someone who has kids, a dog, and lives an active lifestyle, I keep my vehicle clean, call it what you want, but don’t call it dirty. What they don’t realize though, is how much time and effort I put into keeping it this way. 

As a beginner to the overlanding and outdoor experience, I knew I needed something that would help protect the inside of my vehicles cargo area. I use my 4Runner as a daily driver for our family errands and for family adventures. Upon my research I came across a product that I instantly knew I had to have.  The Canvasback Cargo Liner!  What I didn’t see much of was a good Canvasback Cargo Liner Review. I don’t mind if I do.

Canvasback seems to have designed for those with pets, as this liner is intended to shield the carpet backed second row seats and cargo area from the pesky shedding.  What instantly drew me to this company was the fact that they are custom made here in the USA.  This product is are a game changer.  It has solved not just protecting my cargo area and back of the second row seats from dog hair, but from the dirt, mud, water and sand we accumulate on our adventures. 

For my 2019 Toyota 4Runner, the liner costs $179 (I did not aim for the red stitching which was an additional $20), and took roughly 2 weeks to arrive from the ordered date.  Once it arrived I did not wait long as I pulled out the vacuum, did a once over the area and began the install.  The whole area was covered by four panels, three panels for the back of the second row seats and one for the cargo area itself. 

When you order, they offer many color and patter options. Now one thing important to me was functionality because I have a third row that does not get used all the time and I wanted the ability to use it without having to take a cargo liner out.  The cargo specific liner does just that…it actually asks you during the order process if you have the third row or the slide out tray.  I’ll have you know, this installation was a breeze. 

canvasback cargo liner review

The panels connect with the hook portion of Velcro sewn into the sides, simply locate where each panel goes and lay it down, adjust each as needed.  I have had these installed for almost 6 months now, and can honestly say, I wish I had known about this product sooner.  It would have saved me many hours spent vacuuming the back of the car out. 

Now I don’t worry about the wet bathing suits/towels full of sand tossed into the back after a fun day at the beach, the muddy/dirty shoes after exploring some hiking trails, or all the various dirt and grime that comes from a long weekend camping.

Overall Thoughts

This company makes seat covers as well, which may be a future purchase down the line given the quality and great customer service…Oh, and I forgot to mention that they included two dog treats as a welcome to the family…which Nola was much appreciative of! Hopefully, this Canvasback Cargo Liner review helped you make a decision. If you want one, you can grab one here. Before you run off, read up on Effective Workouts You Can Do Off-Grid.

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