What Is Wet Camping? (Solved)


Ever hear people refer to “Wet” and “Dry” camping and wonder what they were referring to? Many people assume it’s related to getting rained on, but that is not correct. “Wet” Camping is not camping in the rain! Here we discuss the difference between wet camping and dry camping.

What is Wet Camping?

Wet Camping is a term used to describe camping at an established campground where your RV or camper can have hook-up access to water and sewage.

When packing up the RV and hitting the road, there are a couple of different ways you can camp. More specifically, there are two different styles of camping with a recreational vehicle. There is dry camping and there is wet camping. Both are great ways to spend time outdoors but will bring very different experiences.

Depending on what you are looking to get out of the experience, it is important to know which style is best for you. The last thing you want is to get in a situation that is uncomfortable to the point where it can ruin a trip. That being said, here is some more information about wet camping and how it differs from dry camping!

What is Dry Camping?

To fully understand wet camping, you need to know what dry camping is. Dry camping is a form of boondocking. Boondocking is when you camp on free, public lands that have no electricity or sewage hookups. In other words, you are completely self-sufficient. Dry camping is quite popular because it allows people to have a slightly more primitive experience but still in the comfort of a camper.

When dry camping, you are responsible for every accommodation possible. All of the water needs to be packed in. You need to figure out where to go to the bathroom or dump your sewage. We found that when staying off-grid for an extended period of time, this highly-rated portable sewage tank is IDEAL for keeping the sewage in order and keeping us off-grid! Definitely check it out here at amazon:

Finally, there is traditionally no access to electricity. You could bring generators or other ways to power your gear, but there is no external hookup. Speaking of electricity, there is generally no cell service either. When this happens, we rely on our cell phone signal boosters to provide us cell service and data while dry camping off-grid, check out our write up on the Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters.

What Makes Wet Camping Different From Dry Camping?

Wet camping is the opposite of dry camping, as you may have already guessed. Wet camping provides you with a completely different experience that can be awesome and gratifying. The difference-maker is where and how you are setting up the RV.

First off, wet camping depends on where you choose to set up your RV. To be qualified as wet camping, you need to hook up to an established campground. This is not pulling up to a national park and picking an empty campsite. Although many national parks do have established campgrounds, wet camping only happens there and not anywhere in the park. Once you find a proper campground, you will have access to all the hookups needed.

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What Amenities Come With Wet Camping?

What are these hookups? Well, several fantastic amenities come with wet camping. You will have the traditional electrical, sewage, and water hookups. This is the main differentiating factor between dry and wet camping.

When wet camping, you are not self-sufficient. It is up to the campground to supply these basic needs. That being said, wet camping will cost money. This varies from the campground to campground and will most likely cost a certain amount of money per night.

A great amenity that oftentimes gets overlooked comes not directly with your RV but with the campground, you are staying at. Yes, having electricity and running water is awesome, some great things come from interacting with your campground. These wildly differ depending on your specific campground, but they sometimes host social events and get-togethers. There also may be laundry facilities, bathrooms, swimming pools, and so many other little things that can be a great convenience.

Why is Wet Camping a Preferred Over Dry Camping?

Now that we know what wet camping is and what perks come with it, you may be thinking why is wet camping so popular? Simply put, it is convenient. Dry camping can be a very fun and fulfilling experience, but there are so many major stressors that go with it. When you are wet camping, a lot of these stressors aren’t on your shoulders. The campground you stay at will make sure you have all of the proper hookups necessary.

When wet camping, you are more likely to enjoy your time as the conveniences of life are at your fingertips. Generally speaking, established campgrounds are safer and will offer a lot more to their tenants. If you choose to wet camp on your next trip, you will be comfortable and have access to fantastic amenities. Be sure to find a fantastic campsite, pack up the RV, and head out with the whole family!  If the thought of a campground doesn’t inspire you to get outdoors, check out this writeup on How To Get Power For Your RV Off-Grid.

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