weBoost Drive Reach Review: The Cell Signal Booster You Need

Here we review the weBoost Drive Reach! Cell Signal Boosters seem to be all the rage in the RV and traveller crowds these days and It was time I took a look.  Say what you will, smartphones have given us unprecedented technology and connectivity right at the palm of our hands.

weBooost Drive Reach Cell Signal Booster Review

\We want to be continuously connected to the outside world, taking in as much information as possible. Sometimes too much, but hey, I’m not here to lecture you, I’m guilty too. However, because of some limitations of technology that is always not possible. Stop us if this sounds familiar, you are driving down the road, and you glance at your phone – there is only one bar of 3G, or, no signal at all. 

Now, this is where I normally turn into a lunatic and can’t seem to fathom how we don’t have cell service, I mean, hey, it’s 2020, arent there towers everywhere by now? Then, I remember how incredible life is to have a supercomputer, a turn-by-turn GPS, and a communicator all in the pocket of my jeans, and it works 90% of the time. 

So, I suppose I’ll get over it and accept that living in 2020 is pretty amazing (well, maybe not 2020, but insert any other year in the 21st Century). If you’re reading this in the far future, don’t ask about 2020.  If the above sounds like you can relate, there is a solution. The weBoost Drive Reach is a device that amplifies phone signals that help you keep connected to the cell towers for the best signal possible. Here is what you need to know about this great device.  

Designed, Assembled and Tested in the USA

weBoost is designed, assembled, and tested here in the good old USA. While to some that may not matter, to me it does. So many companies have outsourced all aspects of their enterprise that service and quality quickly fall short. When researching other popular brands, I learned that many not only were made in China, but their customer service was as well. A follow-up look at those same companies’ reviews showed me all I needed to know. Product issues and useless customer service lead me away quickly. 

What Does The weBoost Drive Reach Do?

Cars as great as they are, aren’t the best method to use when trying to receive cell signals. When you are cruising around the roads, your phone constantly needs to connect from one cell tower to another cell tower. This causes dropped calls and slower data speeds. Not the best experience if you need to have an important phone conversation or use data.  If it it’s a road trip, you might want to use a mobile device for GPS, lookup rest stops, get emergency roadside service or something simple like streaming videos for the kids.  A solid connection is crucial in moments like this. 

This is where the weBoost Drive Reach comes in. weBoost Drive Reach amplifies the signal of the phone and helps it stay connected to the cell towers whether you are driving down the road, or at a remote location where the connection is known to be a bit dodgy. This improved performance helps maintain fewer dropped calls, better voice quality, faster mobile internet, improved audio and video streaming, and greater hotspot capability. 

Who Is The weBoost Drive Reach For?

Well, for anyone who needs consistent cell service, but specifically speaking:

  • Road Warriors
  • Family Road Trips
  • OTR Drivers
  • Traveling Sales
  • Boondockers
  • RV’ers
  • VanLifers
  • Off-Grid adventurers

weBoost Drive Reach Features 

What makes the device so great compared to others on the market? Here is a rundown of all its features that makes it a solid choice to use, and why it earns our recommendation.  

Powerful Signal Boosts – Up to 74% More Than Previous Models 

If you haven’t heard of the device before, you may not know that this isn’t the first model the company put out. It’s the upgrade of the previously popular weBoost Drive X. 

Naturally, there is a clear upgrade in the performance of this new newer model. 74% performance increase to be precise. Im no engineer and didn’t own the Drive X, but I assume a 74% increase is a quite a bit better. Browsing the internet, sharing hotspots, and taking calls become a reality again in areas where your device previously could not. 

Battery Life That Lasts 

Battery life for portable devices is important to us. The weBoost Drive Reach has improved the battery life as well over the previous model.The device gives an additional talk time of between 1.5 to 2 hours of talk time. It even features a rapid charge port. In case you need a top-up, you can get up and back to business quicker.

Great Carrier Support and 5G

Have devices on multiple carriers? This device supports all the major US carriers. Whether it is Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or Sprint, it has you and your passengers covered. 

Future Proof

The smart guys over at weBoost designed the signal booster to be future proof. There is 5G support that should cover the next innovations in mobile data technology giving you faster speeds than ever. 

Safe and Certified 

With technologies such as this that use radio signals, there is always a concern amongst customers about how safe the device is. Put those worries to rest. The device is FCC approved. It meets all formal FCC guidelines and won’t harm carrier signals whatsoever. 

Robust Construction

The weBoost Drive heavy and has some mass to it. There is a flattering bright crimson red heatsink that keeps it cool. This is an appreciated improvement from the previous model that got quite hot during use.

Easy Set-up

Surprisingly, the device is not difficult to install at all. weBoost boasts this as having a “tool free” installation, and that would be correct. The connection at the base uses SMB coax connectors. It pushes style connector which you simply push in until you hear it click in place.

There is another magnetic antenna that is placed on the roof of your car. Simply place it on the roof and the internal connector can be tucked in neatly with double-sided tape.  One thing to note here though is the weBoost Drive Reach uses only SMB coax connectors. If you happen to have an F-type connector you will need to use an adapter.

weBoost Drive Reach Wrap Up

So, should you buy weBoost Drive Reach? Well, thats up to you, but, ff you’re a road warrior and experience frequent dropped calls and slow data speeds when driving, this device deserves a look. If you are in the market for a cell signal booster, then the Drive Boost from weBoost certainly is worth the money. Grab yours here. If you really want to head off-grid in your next outdoor adventure, check out this helpful guide to finding free public lands to camp on.

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