5 Rooftop Tents You Need To Be Aware Of

Rooftop Tents you need to be aware of as they are not all created equal. Here are 5 rooftop Tents you should know about when shopping for a rooftop tent, these are the ones we love, and why.

Roof Top Tents Are Worth It

Roof Top Tents have changed the camping game forever. They work by attaching to the roof rack on your car or SUV, and simply pop up and fold out from there…setting up or stowing away in a few minutes. Now, after a long day of hiking or backpacking, you do not have to mess with flimsy tent poles and laying directly on the cold, hard ground.

The benefits of a rooftop tent is they keep you off the ground, they’re durable and weatherproof, easy to set up, come with comfy built in mattresses, and do not take up storage space in your car. Many rooftop tents come equipped with extra features for a great night’s sleep under the stars.

Best Roof Top Tents

If you’re looking to up your camping game, a rooftop tent is right for you. And if you are interested in camping in Colorado, check out our Where to Camp in Colorado article here. Here are five rooftop tents that should be on your radar.

FSR High Country 55” Premium

The FSR High Country Premium rooftop tent is packed with cool features, but best of all it boasts a 60 second set up time. It has oversized windows and doors for incredible 360° views, but has only one awning. They have included an ultra-bright LED strip along the top as a useful night light. The mattress is on the thinner side: 2 inches thick with 2 inches of padding underneath. It fits 2 comfortably, but 3 is a squeeze.

They have what they call Tri-layer technology, which is designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer…making this a true 4-season tent. This is the most expensive rooftop tent on our list, but depending on the features and durability you are looking for, this might be worth the price. Check it out here

Pros: Sets up in under a minute, thick walls for year round camping, oversized windows

Cons: Expensive, one awning, cover is difficult to take off/put on

  • Category: Softshell
  • Floor area: 55” x 98”
  • Capacity: 2-3
  • Weight: 141 lbs
  • Price: $2,695

CVT Pioneer Series Rainier

Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) has some of the best rooftop tents on the market. Its telescope ladder adapts to any height, and slides away easily. This mattress is one of the thickest of its kind at 3 inches, and is also protected by a removable, washable cover. The windows on all sides quickly prop up and redirect rain away from the tent.

The mesh and canvas flaps zip independently, giving you the option to get some air circulating or close off the outside world. This rooftop tent fits 3 to 4 people easily, and offers an extended fly for an annex that covers the ladder. CVT offers so many accessories, options, and add-ons, the only problem you will have is deciding which ones to go with.

Pros: Large sleeping area, washable mattress cover, mosquito screen

Cons: Heavy, requires a larger vehicle

  • Category: Soft shell
  • Floor area: 96” x 72”
  • Capacity: 3+
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Price: $2,195

Need any more information about this tent visit here

Thule Tepui Autana 3 w/ Annex

This Thule Tepui Autana rooftop tent accommodates up to 3 people comfortably, 4 if you squeeze. It comes with a high-density foam mattress that reviews say is surprisingly comfy. Its polyester/cotton blend withstands any season and is resistant to UV and mold. There are several mesh panels that allow for ventilation; they will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It has large inside pockets to store your bedding, gear, or amenities. It is designed to fit on most roof racks and vehicles and has one entrance and a telescoping ladder. It’s not easy to set up, however and can take quite a bit of time to put away. The ladder is finicky, and reviews reported this was the worst part of the tent.

Pros: Includes extended canopy entrance, removable annex, inside storage, comfy mattress

Cons: Set up/stow away takes a long time, ladder, zippers get caught a lot

  • Category: Soft shell
  • Floor area: 96” x 56”
  • Capacity: 3
  • Weight: 152 lbs
  • Price: $2,150

Visit Here for further information or to purchase.

Vagabond by Roam Adventure Co

This rooftop tent is perfect for your next camping trip. Its price is on the lower end, and is currently on sale. The tent sleeps 2-3 people and comes with a 3” high-density foam mattress. The mattress is wrapped in a waterproof base so it will always stay dry. It has 2 skylights and windows on all sides allowing for the perfect 360° views.

The Roam Adventure Company really thought of everything, and campers will notice it in the details. On either side of the telescoping ladder there are boot bags to keep the dirt out. It also includes a gear hammock to keep your hiking, camping, and backpacking gear stored out of the way without dirtying your car or tent. They even went the extra mile to make the zippers silent. It has the features of a high-end rooftop tent with the price tag of a budget tent.

Pros: Durable, comfy waterproof mattress, gear hammock and storage

Cons: Difficult to put the cover on

  • Category: Soft shell
  • Floor area: 96” x 56”
  • Capacity: 2-3
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Price: $1,750

23Zero Walkabout 62 Queen Size Roof Top Tent

23Zero includes its cutting-edge Light Suppression Technology (LST) that will change the way we camp. It reduces the visible light to almost zero with all the windows closed and will keep you cooler and comfier for a better night’s sleep. The poly/cotton canvas with LST reduces the internal temperature up to 20%, perfect for when it’s in direct sunlight. There are still plenty of windows and mesh that open to enjoy the views, including a skylight. This gives you the freedom to camp comfortably year-round.

This tent boasts a 3” thick queen-sized mattress with a cotton top and waterproof base. They have paid attention to detail and made all moving parts metal, and have sealed all seams to avoid leaking. They offer an optional annex which varies depending on the height of your vehicle. This rooftop tent is made for comfort, and will undoubtedly give you the best night’s sleep.

Pros: Light Suppression Technology, queen sized mattress, easy set up

Cons: Difficult to put the cover on, better for warmer weather

  • Category: Soft shell
  • Floor area: 96” x 62”
  • Capacity: 3+
  • Weight: 152 lbs
  • Price: $1,769

Visit 23Zero For More info or to Buy by clicking here

If you are a fan of camping from your vehicle, a rooftop tent is the best option for you. They are great for road trips because your bed goes wherever you go, but are a fraction of the cost of an RV. They are quick to set up for the most part, and easy to put away the next day. Sleeping on a thick, high-density mattress beats the hard, cold ground any day.

With other features like 23Zero’s Light Suppression Technology, you will sleep cool and comfortable in the dark, even in direct sunlight, or FSR High Country 55” Premium’s Tri-layer technology that will keep you warmer during those cold nights. Since their price range is much more than a typical ground tent, it is an investment to think about, however, after a few nights, you will definitely feel the difference.


There you have it! Thats the skinny on roof top tents this year. Hopefully this was helpful and we see you out on the trail.

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