Space Coast RV Resort Review – Thousand Trails Loser

As a family that travels full-time, we figured it’s only fair to share our experiences along the way. In today’s review, we wanted to share our experience with the Thousand Trails Location: Space Coast RV Resort in Rockledge Florida. 

???? Overall Review Summary: The Space Coast RV resort is a member of Thousand Trails and Encore RV membership programs. Overall, we liked the location in proximity to Cocoa Beach and the SpaceX launch site. However, the good stops there. The park is dominated by residents who live at the park permanently and the park is full of run-down park model RVs with residents. It feels much like a trailer park where people live and not an RV “Resort”. The laundry services and community services were run down, overused, and in need of updating or servicing. We will not stay again at the Space Coast RV Resort. 

Because our family lives in Florida and we wanted to see the latest SpaceX launch, we decided to take advantage of our Thousand Trails membership and stay ‘free” at the local Thousand Trails / Encore RV resort Space Coast RV in Rockledge FL. 

The Good

It is not fair to rip this resort without mentioning the good parts as there were a couple of good things to take away from our stay at the Space Coast RV Resort. First, the proximity of the location to Cocoa Beach was great, an easy 15-minute drive to some great beaches the kids loved. 

The grounds were well kept (generally) and the appearance of the park was good enough. The staff did a good job of grabbing trash each morning so long as you left your trash bags at the end of your unit space each morning by 9 am. 

The park has about 3-4 ponds with fish and ducks which gives the park a nice ambiance. 

There was a nice pool that seemed well-kept along with a shower area to rinse after swimming and a bathroom to change in. 

And…..that’s where the good stopped. 

The Bad

The bad part of this park started with our drive-in late at night. Because we showed up late (8pm), we were greeted with very tight lanes to drive that was even more narrow than normal due to the residents that live in the park models and they park their cars along the driving lanes making it VERY tight for large units to drive in. 

The spots have no privacy at all and you can expect to be about 10 feet away (in all directions). This isn’t too out of the normal for an RV park, but coupled with everything else just made it annoying. 

The on-site amenities like laundry or kitchen services were very run down. The laundry machines were very dated and in dire need of servicing or replacing. 

When you walked into the laundry area the running machines had sticks holding the lids open and were making a very loud sound as if the bearings needed replacing. We didn’t use the laundry service as it didn’t seem like you were going to get your clothes much cleaner. 

The on-site cable was not working in our unit. I tried several configurations to connect the cables as there were a few random coax cables literally laying on the ground next to the cable box, none worked.


Ok, here is the ugly….the vast majority of the Space Coast RV park was full (like 85%) of park model RV’s with permanent residents of Florida, effectively like a trailer park. 

I’m not talking about snowbirds, I’m talking about young adults with kids, broken down vehicles, RV’s falling apart. Essentially, just not our cup of tea. 

We like staying around other travelers or even weekend warriors, not a trailer park that rents out a few temporary spots to travelers. 

This isn’t a place we let our kids go play out of our site. 

See our full-video walkthrough here:

Final Thoughts

Overall, it was fine for a couple of nights or if you are passing through, but it is NOT a place we would recommend staying for a week or longer for traveling. If that’s your plan, either find a different Thousand Trails location nearby or pay out of pocket for a better place to stay. 

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