HitchFire: The Grill That Travels The Unknown With You

Looking for the newest ways to enjoys your camping and grilling together? Well, the crew over at HitchFire just solved your camp grilling dilemma, and we are here for it. Let’s talk all things camp chow in this overview of the HitchFire Grill. Remember that time you went camping and you decided to bring your grill from home, and it was awesome? Me either, it sucks. 

Bringing a grill camping usually falls into two categories, either using a tiny camp stove and trying to make great food, or bringing your actual backyard grill with you…..and that sucks for all sorts of reasons, primarily, size, weight, and storage room in your rig.

Sure, you can “grill” on your camp stove, but you are limited to a tiny cooking surface and weak heat BTUs. How do you cook great grilled food when camping, without bringing your actual grill? 

HitchFire Forge 15 Tow Hitch Grill

Meet HitchFire, a fully articulating, self-contained outdoor grill that mounts securely to your existing tow hitch. When the crew over at HitchFire decided to solve this camping grill problem, and boy did they do it well, they came up with the Forge 15.

HitchFires Forge 15 founders are no strangers to the outdoors, you may be very familiar with their previous ventures, ever hear of Tepui Tents? Yes THAT Tepui, one of the leading names in the Roof Top Tent game. I think it’s safe to say, this crew knows camping and what type of gear makes the trip just that much better. 

HitchFire Forge 15 Features:

  • 18” X 22” Cooking Surface / Feeds 8-10 People
  • Quicker And Cleaner To Use Than Conventional Grill
  • Saves Trunk Space So You Can Pack More
  • Detachable from Hitch For Tabletop Use
  • Easy Access To Trunk With Pivoting Swingarm

That’s Great, But How Does It Work?

Great question, the Forge 15 features a two-burner system that produces a robust 15,000 BTUs. Cooking surface real-estate won’t be an issue as the Forge 15 has a 355 square inch grilling surface measuring out at 18” x 22”.

HitchFire set up the Forge 15 to fit a 2inch receiver and the overall weight is 70lbs, I’m pretty sure your Tesla Model X can tow the Forge 15, and if your rig doesn’t have a 2-inch hitch receiver, use a universal adapter and get grilling. 

In the past, you have heard me praise the versatility of griddles when camping, if not, you can read that here. It’s just that backyard grills take up too much space, storage area, and are always a bit difficult to justify taking. However, this is solved with the Forge 15, and thanks to HitchFire, your camp chow game is elevating, one tow hitch at a time.

What If You Keep Bikes On Your Tow Hitch?

No worries downhillers, the Forge 15 and your lovely dual-sus can both travel together in outdoor harmony, with a dual hitch adapter. Plug and play burgers in the backcountry, you’re welcome.

HitchFire Forge 15 Accessories

HitchFire didn’t just make a grill and call it a day, the Forge 15 has a line of much-needed accessories. Accessories like an all-weather grill cover with integrated straps to ensure your cover doesn’t go flying off at 70mph on the interstate.

HitchFire also carries a hitch extender for those setups that need just a bit more room to set up their cooking area, as well as an Ignik Propane Growler Kit, and that’s a super good option above the little green 1lb bottles clogging up the National Park Service dumpsters. Finally, if you just want to grab the 20lb propane tank from home, use the 20lb propane hose adapter and break out the big tank.

Where To Buy The HitchFire Forge 15

Distribution for the Forge 15 seems to be spot on, as they are currently on sale in a slew of outdoor retailers. Whether you like to shop on Amazon, at REI, Camping World, or Backcountry, the Forge 15 can be found at them all. Check out HitchFire at your favorite outdoor retailers, or grab one directly from HitchFire.com

How To Install The HitchFire Forge 15? It’s a breeze, but don’t take my word for it, check out their latest video on YouTube, and see this setup in action.

So, you plan on camping this season? Do you plan on tailgating this season? Do you plan on grilling this season? HitchFire has you covered. 

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