Top 5 Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots

We get it, there are lots of hiking boot reviews out there, but I don’t see much for ladies on the trail. So, let’s stroll the isle for the Top 5 Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boots of 2020 and 2021.

Understanding Women’s Hiking Boots Fit

Hiking boots are a big deal. When you venture off into uneven and unknown terrain situations, you need a pair of hiking boots that will be ready for it all and provide you with the ability, features, and comfort that a good hiking boot should provide you.

While many companies provide “women” waterproof hiking boots, they are generally just smaller versions of the men, however, that’s not a good look and to be frank, it’s not good. Women’s feet have different abilities and in many cases have more flexible feet than men. That means that a women’s hiking boot needs to be engineered from the ground up, for women.

The choices we selected below do just that, they have designed these waterproof hiking boots just for women. So, I’ll shut up and introduce to you the top 5 women’s waterproof hiking boots of 2020 heading into 2021.

Women’s Hiking Boots Worth Your Time

Oboes Bridge Mid Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

Oboz women’s bridge or mid waterproof is an all-leather boot and is excellent for hiking and backpacking, with excellent support and hardly any break-in time.

It’s trail-ready out of the box. The slightly higher volume mid is narrowing the heel to eliminate slippage. Reducing the chance for blisters. A generous forefoot and toe box provides ample room for your toes.

This waterproof all-new buck, leather mid features, a supportive external heel counter, and a protective toe cap. At Oboes, every B-dry waterproof breathable membrane is tested to be 100% waterproof.

This boot is also treated with a durable water repellent finish. Our proprietary O-fit insole is made up of three different densities of EVA foam, low density, EVA pods, medium density, EVA throughout high density, EVA sculpted, arch, and heel cup all provide cushioning and support with the goal of placing the foot in a neutral position.

Our granite peak midsole is built to be supportive and protective. This pencil features women’s specific cushioning EVA for comfort and a TPU chassis that maximizes torsional stability.

The granite peak outsoles deep trail gripping lugs provide reliable traction as well as mud shedding abilities. The women’s Bridger mid waterproof boot is an excellent choice for hikers and backpackers who are looking for sufficient ankle support and durability to go to the distance. Check them out here at

Solomon La Sportiva Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

These cool looking boots are the La Sportiva Nucleo high ankle, Gore-Tex hiking boots. If you’re looking for excellent waterproof breathable hiking boots for your extended backpacking trip, the La Sportiva nuclear is probably a good option for you.

These boots use a Gore-Tex Surround membrane is a fairly new technology for Gortex. It actually provides waterproofing and breathability through the entire foot, including underfoot. The leather uppers provide all day comfort and this nanoscale insert on the side is where you’ll have extra moisture and heat escaping from the shoe.

A midsole medial wrap comes around the back of the shoe like this, as well as a higher ankle will decrease the risk of rolling an ankle, and these Vibram rubber outsoles will provide traction on the slippery rock.

So if you’re hiking, the Wonderland trail is headed out on the Nepali coast. Consider the La Sportiva Nucleo for excellent stability and dry feet. Check out the Solomon La Sportiva here at

Solomon X-Ultra 3 Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

Let’s talk about the Solomon X-Ultra three, when hikers hit the trail, they’re looking for grip and stability, the X-Ultra 3 was designed specifically to fit those needs.

Traditionally, we see hikers using a big, heavy leather boot on the trails, but Solomon is taking a different approach with synthetic materials, they provide a lighter, faster solution.

Typically a women’s hiking shoe is a men’s shoe,….. just smaller …..and maybe pink. What they’ve done at Solomon is built each shoe for men and women from the ground up specifically for that gender.

All right, so let’s break it down on the bottom of the shoe, they’ve got Solomon’s conta grip outsole. So on the heel, you’ve got your breaking lugs for competence on the downhill, on the forefoot. We’ve got ascending lugs for the uphill, moving up the shoe into the midsole.

This boot from Solom has an advanced chassis. The advanced chassis in the heel provides stability on uneven terrain. So moving to the front of the shoe, we’ve got this nice hefty toe cap. That’ll protect your feet from any roots or rocks on the trail.

The best way to keep your feet nice and secure on the trail is this nice zigzag pattern on the side of our shoe, they call it Sensifitif, and it really locks your foot in place when you’re on uneven terrain, it’s like two hands holding your foot in place. So as you’re moving through that environment, you’re really locked in. To get a really excellent fit with that sense of it.

It works in concert with our quick lace, which is four times stronger than a traditional lace, which you can conveniently tuck in the lace garage at the top of the tongue.

Moving inside the shoe, we have an OrthoLite memory foam sock liner. This provides great comfort. Every time you slip on the shoe women’s feet tend to be a little bit more flexible than men’s, so they’ve positioned the lugs on this shoe to get more flexibility for the women.

The X-Ultra three comes in a number of options. We’ve got the low cut open mesh for excellent breathability. And then we’ve got the low cut Gore-Tex version, which is a waterproof breathable membrane.

The X-Ultra three also comes in the Gore-Tex mid, the mid, provides a little more stability and support for those long hikes and those heavier loads. The X-Ultra three is also available in both the standard and wide versions. For those who need a bit of extra room. Check ou the Solomon X-Ultra 3 here at

Oboz Saphire Mid Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

The women’s Sapphire mid waterproof boot was designed, developed, and tested with women for women to take you from the main street to the mountains and back.

This boot offers a women’s specific, lower volume sculpted fit that is narrow in the heel to eliminate slippage, reducing the chance for blisters made with new buck leather.

These boots feature a unique asymmetrical collar designed to comfortably articulate with ankle motion. The tongue of the boot is supple and soft for all-day comfort. At Oboz, every B-dry waterproof breathable membrane is tested to be 100% waterproof.

This boot is also treated with a durable water repellent finish. Our proprietary O fit and soul is made up of three different densities of Eva foam, low density, EVA pods, medium density, EVA throughout high density, EVA sculpted, arch, and heel cup all provide cushioning and support with the goal of placing the foot in a neutral position.

The women’s specific Swift current midsole provides incredible durability, stability, and comfort.

The women’s specific cushioning EVA midsole with a TPU chassis and ESS plate in the forefoot, which helps prevent stone bruising without inhibiting flex.

The Swift current outsoles lugs provide ample traction strolling down main street with enough performance to lead you right out onto the trail.

The women’s Sapphire mid waterproof boot in town and trail-worthy, wrapped into one. Whether that’s heading out for a pre-work dog walk, grabbing a midday coffee or hitting the trails to stretch the legs after work. It’s all part of the daily routine. Check out the Oboz Saphire here at

Solomon Quest 4D Gortex Women’s Waterproof Hiking Boot

Ok, this is the Solomon Quest 4d Gore-Tex. This is one of the best-selling backpacking boots on the market. Part of the reason for that is because the fit is so versatile.

The quest is the perfect product. If you’re looking for long-distance backpacking treks, or you want something with a little additional support, when you’re just doing day hiking, what makes the quest 40 so great is that they’ve taken thier training techniques and they’ve beefed it up. The Quest 4D has a contact grip outsole.

It’s a high abrasion compound that provides tremendous grip and traction in a variety of different terrains. The quest 4D has a 4D chassis.

What that offers for you is it provides tremendous torsional rigidity. When you get on uneven terrain, it also provides tremendous support when you’re on the long haul, the Quest 4D also utilizes Solomon sense of fit technology.

The Sensifit technology really provides a tremendous amount of foothold over the instep. The Quest 4D also has locking hardware on the third islet from the top.

What this does is it enables you to independently tension the lower portion of the shoe from the upper portion. What also makes the quest forward unique is its dual-density midsole.

This works in conjunction with the 4D chassis to still provide stability, but also great cushioning underfoot. The upper material on the quest 4D provides a tremendous amount of durability with a quarter of mesh leather overlays and a toe bumper. You’re sure to be protected when you’re on the trail.

The Quest 4D is also equipped with an OrthoLite sock liner. This is a memory foam that is sure to provide great cushioning.

When you step in every single time, Quest 4D is equipped with Gore-Tex technology. This is a waterproof breathable membrane that is sure to keep your feet dry in any environment. Check out the Solomon Quest 4D here at Amazon


Well, there it is ladies! The Top 5 Best Waterproof Hiking Boots for Women. While you are around, check out our Tips for Hiking Safety If not, no worries, see you out on the trail!

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