Plastic Water Bottle? Nope. Meet Hydroflask Trail Series

Want to do your part to help reduce plastic in the environment?  Look no further!  The new Hydroflask Trail Series has you covered in many different colors and sizes. 

Meet the Hydroflask Trail Series

Hydro Flask Trail Series wasn’t made as a marketing gimmick. The growth in America continues to rise with people consuming more and more bottled water.  What this really means is we continue to litter our planet with more and more plastic waste. 

Let’s say you buy a case of bottled water from Walmart for $4 each week.  Over the course of a year that equates to $208.  But more importantly, that’s 24 bottles times 52 which equals 1,248 empty plastic bottles that hopefully find their way into recycling…but we all know this is not always the case.

Insert an easy solution to reducing this plastic and saving you some money…the Hydro Flask Trail Series!

I personally have been in the game for a minute carrying around both the Yeti Rambler and Hydro Flasks as my main source for getting my daily water intake.  Over the past year though I have grown fonder and fonder of the Hydro Flask line over their strong competitor.

I mean the name alone translates to “water flask”…that’s pretty cool right!  I know, it is simply marketing, but a good one in that.  Aside from all that, it is also a way to reduce some clutter in your glassware cabinet that I am sure is overstuffed with cups that you probably do not even use.

Why Hydroflask Is Getting It Right

My family and I have downsized quite a bit in our life, trying to find a balance between minimalism and comfort that meets our needs.  More is less for us.  Stuff is cool, but clutter is not, and as a military member who has to move often, it was important for us to truly evaluate what we really need and quite frankly what we do not. 

You see we become so enamored with having stuff…going to the store and buying this and that, but do we really need it, and how long until it finds itself stuffed in a closet, drawer, box in the garage, or the trash.

This is where our journey began into finding a solution where each member of the family has the drinking container that they use.  And Hydro Flask was our ultimate solution.  Vacuum insulated stainless steel that is dishwasher safe, plenty of color options, and the kids can decorate their bottle with stickers…we were sold!  Oh and we were able to eliminate a cabinet full of cups that no one ever used.

Ok, on to the reason why I am writing this article…Hydro Flask’s new Trail Series line.  I had been using a 40oz Wide Mouth that had been issued to me for work purposes, but I found that for me personally, this was too big for an everyday carry.  And while I still use it from time to time, I came across Hydro Flasks new Trail Series and had to give it a try.

As someone who frequents the trails, I was intrigued by the less weight of the bottle while still providing the same features we have grown accustomed to with the vacuum-sealed insulation.

Oh and I figure I should also state how upset I get when I am out on a hike and see some empty plastic bottles and trash is thrown off to the side…come on people have some respect for our environment.

This is where a HydroFlask Trail Series would help to reduce this waste as they would not throw their bottle off the side of a trail because they are too lazy to carry it out. Mike wrote a great article about Leaving No Trace while out hiking and camping that can be read here.

The Hydro Flask Trail Series is offered in 21oz Standard Mouth Trail Series, 24oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail Series, and 32oz Lightweight Wide Mouth.  The color scheme of this series is very unique as well.  Clay, Slate, and Obsidian bring a sleek and modern approach to the overall feel of these bottles.

I chose the Hydro Flask 24oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail Series in Slate.  First impressions, it is definitely lighter, but still has that string sturdy feel to it.  I recently took it with me on a 4 mile hike and was impressed.  Usually products that have been engineered to be lighter sacrifice the sturdiness, but I can honestly say this is not the case with the Hydro Flask Trail Series. 

Hydroflask Makes Tough Outdoor Water Bottles

I dropped this a few times (on purpose) out on the trail just to see what would happen.  It hit a couple of rocks, gravel, etc and held up perfectly.  I accidentally allowed it to slip out of my hands the other day leaving work and after about 4 bounces on the sidewalk, it was still good to go.

Hydro Flask Trail Series used 18/8 stainless steel for the walls to help reduce the weight by 25% compared to their other 24oz Wide Mouth Bottles.  The less weight has you craving for more adventure. 

Worried about keeping your beverage cold….have no fear, the insulation features have not been sacrificed with the new design.  Cold hydration will remain for quite some time while out on the trail.

The lightweight flex cap has incorporated honeycomb insulation with a flexible perforated strap that adds to the overall decrease in weight.  The perforation of the strap does not hinder the overall quality and longevity that the normal straps provide.  It gives it a nice pliable feel that keeps airflow coming through if you are carrying it the entire time out on the trail.

The aluminum pivots of the Hydro Flask Trail Series also help to reduce the overall weight and from my perspective have not hindered the overall quality in any way.  The new flex cap design continues with its leakproof stance, so no hydration loss when stored.

Below is a quick snapshot of the size and dimensions for the 24oz Lightweight Wide Mouth Trail Series.

  • Volume: 710 mL
  • Diameter: 3.2”
  • Height: 10.2”
  • Weight: 10 oz

A few other features that need to be captured…this hydration bottle is both BPA and Phthalate-Free, is compatible with Hydro Flask Trial Series Wide Mouth Straw Lid, is compatible with a good plethora of backcountry hydration filters, and the TempShield insulation eliminates condensation.

Oh I almost forgot to add, it fits in your car cup holder!!!!!  Yes, that is right it fits in your car’s cup holder.  The diameter of this hydration bottle is makes handling it very comfortable and even for smaller kids.

Lastly, it is backed by Hydro Flasks lifetime warranty.  Like I have previously stated in other reviews, a company that backs their product is a company I am ok investing my money in…and you should be too. 

So do you want a do-it-all beverage bottle solution?  This is it.  Have your coffee in the morning headed to work, quick rinse, followed by a hydration fill throughout the day, maybe a hike or trail walk after work, then home to pour in a beer or some wine…whatever your heart desires…and this light, but mighty bottle can handle it all! If you are interested in purchasing the Hydro Flask Trail Series 24oz Bottle you can do so here.

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