Review: Nemo 3D Cosmo Sleeping Pad

Looking for a versatile, comfortable sleeping pad to give you a great night of sleep while adventuring?  Nemo has delivered again!  Introducing the Nemo 3D Cosmo Sleeping Pad.

NEMO Makes A Sweet Sleeping Pad

A little while ago I reviewed Nemo Equipment’s Roamer Self-inflating sleeping pad.  And while that is my go-to pad for camping, I also wanted provide a review of the NEMO Equipment Cosmo 3D Sleeping Pad plus Foot Pump that I also use for camping but mainly for those trips where I am limited on space for gear. 

Now I have to mention that I did not pay for this pad.  Instead, I won it!  Yes, I won it.  How you my ask?  Well Nemo sent a rep to a local outfitters shop who had brought all kinds of goodies for us consumers to sample.  And like any good rep to keep the customers sticking around, had some prizes that would be given away at the end via a drawing. 

The Cosmo 3D Sleeping Pad however, was an item that would have to be won fair and square solely off your physical and mental ability.  You see the rep set up a little tournament amongst the crowd to see who could pump up the Cosmo pad the fastest using the integrated foot pump. And as you could have already guessed by now, I came out victorious!  I was proud that I was walking away with a quality Nemo product for free.

Self-Inflating Sleeping Pads Are Where It’s At

The beauty of having a pad like this opposite of the self-inflating Roamer is that it packs down smaller and gives you the flexibility of ensuring this makes it into your pack on those multi-day hunts or hikes.

Alright let’s get into this review.  I will begin by first covering some basic quick facts.  This pad comes either insulated or non-insulated and in four different sizes; regular, long wide, long double, and extra wide extra-long.  The pad I have is the insulated long wide.

If you have read other reviews on Nemo products that I have written you should already know how I feel about this company and quality of their products.  But in case you have not, Nemo make quality products that are durable and versatile. The Nemo 3D Cosmo pad was released in 2019.  It has 3D body-mapped baffles, providing a nice cradle feel to the sleeper.  This cradle also aids in keeping you in the center of the pad…so you do not end up on the tent floor…yeah you know this has happened to you!

NEMO Cosmo 3D Quick Facts:

Minimum Weight2 lb , 9 oz / 1.16 kg
Packed Weight2 lb , 10 oz / 1.2 kg
Packed Size11.0 x 7.0 in dia / 28 x 18 cm dia
Dimensions76 x 25 x 3.5 in / 193 x 64 x 9 cm

Another unique feature is the slightly elevated head, which can act like a pillow or chaise lounge…I personally like this feature because I do not have to worry about using my clothes as a pillow or bringing an actual pillow.

I originally felt this pad would be better suited for those who are back sleepers, but after my trips with this pad I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I felt and the nights rest I received.  I am a side and stomach sleeper who often shifts frequently during the night for reference.

Now let’s talk about the most unique thing on this pad…the FOOT PUMP!  How many of you remember back in the day using the yellow foot/hand pump to air up that mattress…it was awful.  How many of you have exhausted your lung power trying to air up a pad?

Well one go round of using this foot pump and you will rid yourself of those pesky memories!  This foot pump is efficient and takes little time to inflate the pad to your desired firmness…and you do not have to use all the air out of lungs…in fact you can talk freely while doing this.

And if you have kids, they are actually going to want to jump in and do it for you.  That’s a win-win in my book!  Oh and I almost forgot to mention the other added benefit of the foot pump…no moisture will get introduced inside the pad from you trying use your mouth to inflate.

As easy as it is to inflate, it is even easier to deflate given the Laylow™ zero-profile, multi-functional, micro-adjustable valve. The durable 75D fabric is laminated improving tear strength and resisting punctures.

This pad will inflate to a thickness of 3.5”, and either comes non-insulated or insulated.  If insulated it is lined with Primaloft synthetic insulation and garners an R-value of 3.3.  Understanding this is not the highest R-value, it is still good and I have not had any issues sleeping on this pad in 40 degree weather.

Lastly, do not forget that Nemo backs all their products with a lifetime warranty.  I like unique and functional items and Nemo continues to impress.  If you are looking for a lightweight, comfortable sleeping pad that inflates and deflates easily while packing down relatively small, then go check this pad out here! While we’re on the subject of sleeping pads, check out our review of the NEMO Roamer Sleeping Pad.

Go check out my YouTube video where I do a quick review, setup and breakdown of the Nemo 3D Cosmo pad…see below.

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