Nemo Tents: Is the Losi 3 Person Tent The Greatest Ever?

In the market for a new tent?  Want something very durable, but lightweight? The NEMO Losi 3 model with a wide variety of features to meet the needs of all campers.

Nemo tents are designed to get you to those hard sought after places with the remarkable views to create priceless moments.  The designers of Nemo tents continue to add small details and touches that really sent their tents apart in my opinion. 

‘A couple years ago I purchased the Nemo Losi 3-season, 3-person tent.  It had a nice balance of durability, pack-ability, and livability that was just what I was looking for. 

NEMO Tents Bring Versatility

The versatility of Nemo tents had me envisioning many adventures from backpacking to camping to hunting.  Now maybe you are not in my situation, but my wife is not your avid tent camper.  And to be quite honest, we as a family do not tent camp regularly…that is until we experienced this Nemo tent. 

Let’s first cover some quick facts about this Nemo tent:

Best UseBackpacking
Sleeping Capacity3-person
Minimum Trail Weight5 lbs. 10 oz.
Packaged Weight6 lbs. 5 oz.
Packed Size7.1 x 22.1 inches
Floor Dimensions87.1 x 77.2 inches
Floor Area46.6 square feet
Vestibule Area12.2 + 12.2 square feet
Peak Height48.9 inches
Number of Doors2 doors
Number of Poles3
Pole MaterialAluminum
Pole Diameter9.02 millimeters
Canopy Fabric20-denier ripstop polyester/no-see-um mesh
Floor Fabric68-denier PeU polyester (1500mm)
Rainfly Fabric20-denier Sil/PeU ripstop nylon (1200mm)
Footprint IncludedNo
Design TypeFreestanding

Nemo tents are packed with features…and some of them are extremely thoughtful.  We first must start with how this Nemo tent is stored.  It comes in a roll bag that has separate compartments for the stakes and guy lines, tent poles, and the tent itself with rainfly. 

This keeps everything neatly organized in its own pouch, which then rolls up nicely and neatly securing itself by some Velcro and buckles.  Add to that a nice little handle and you are ready to go.  Simply undo the buckles and Velcro and unroll the bag. 

As previously stated, this Nemo tent and its components are neatly organized ready for you to quickly deploy.  Like any tent, having an extra set of hands to setup makes the process go much quicker, but one person can assemble this tent and it still not take a significant amount of time.  Onto the setup. 

As I pulled the tent out of its compartment I quickly noticed the amount of no-see-um mesh…I immediately thought of the airflow we would get with this Nemo tent.  Pull out the main aluminum tent pole, attach to each corner, simply attach the hooks from the tent to the pole and this bad boy has its shape.  Once there, I reach into the compartment of the roll-up stuff sack, grab me some stakes and get each corner staked into the ground. 

No Footprint included

Now it is worth mentioning that the footprint did not come with this tent, but I did buy it along with the pawprint liner to give it a little added protection from the elements.  The pawprint liner clearly is meant for your prized animals that tag along with you, but I also like it because it acts like a sheet that makes cleaning up the inside of the tent a breeze while…just simply unsnap, fold up, pull it out of the tent, and shake it out.  For the most part the majority of debris inside the tent will be gone.

Worried about rain…have no fear!  Putting the rain-fly on is extremely simple.  The other two aluminum poles have a slight bend to them that wrap around each side of where the two doors are located and attach into marked holes located on each end. 

Lay the rain-fly over the top, secure a few hook and pile straps over the aluminum poles, buckle the male fitting into the female portion located in the corners, and stake out the two guy cords on each side to create the vestibules and you are done!  But not really though…you see there are some really unique features Nemo added to this tent and other Nemo tents that have you appreciating the craftsmanship and well thought out design of their team. 

Designed With Adventure in Mind

Nemo tents prides itself on designing from the inside out.  They do this because they understand the importance of head space and for the most part offer the most amount of head room that other tents with a similar size and footprint.  The double entry and two vestibules ensure convenient access on both sides along with your gear…I especially like this because now you do not have to climb over anyone and you have your own space with your gear close by protected from the weather. 

Inside Nemo tents, there are two overhead Light Pockets with light-diffusing fabric, where you can place a headlamp and cast a nice glowing ambiance throughout the entire tent. Raining outside and need some ventilation…no worries, Nemo has you covered with a built in ventilation pole at the top corner of each vestibule that secures using Velcro…open both of these up and you have not just a nice ventilation system, but it also allows some airflow while keeping you dry. 

When it is not raining and you have that clear beautiful sky with stars lighting it up, simply pull off the rain-fly and have an amazing stargazing view through the no-see-um mesh that comprises roughly 50 percent of the tent.

Worried about wind? Don’t be.  Nemo tents have a low profile and includes some extra guy cords to secure if you find yourself in some high sustained winds.  Everything about Nemo tents screams quality and it is so light.  Backpacking or hunting with a friend and want to divvy out who carries what?  Easy, one person takes the tent and stakes, and the other the poles and rain-fly.  The versatility of the Losi 3-person tent is what attracted me to it. 

Now is it really a 3-person tent?  You bet it is!  I have had two Nemo Roamer pads, and a Nemo Cosmo 3D pad packed inside, allowing three of us to have a comfortable night’s sleep.  Check out our detail write up covering the Nemo Roamer pad here. Do not plan to bring any additional gear inside though…leave it under the vestibules.  And I cannot forget to mention that all Nemo’s products are protected by their Lifetime Warranty. 

After I wrote this review I found out that Nemo had decided to discontinue the Losi model, but I have personally experienced their Dagger and Hornet models that offer very similar materials and design features.  You can shop these models here at Nemo Equipment. The Dagger is offered in a 3-person size as well.  Now if you come across a Losi tent at a local store, I would not hesitate to purchase it…it has truly been a game changer from the tents I grew up camping in.

CJ is a Colorado resident, active duty military, and an avid outdoorsman. CJ is a Pro-Affiliate for brands such as Yeti, REI, HydroFlask, and The North Face. From hiking, camping, and mountain biking, to river rafting and Overlanding, CJ and his family are constantly adventuring.

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