How To Sharpen Morakniv Bushcraft Black

Morakniv knives are famously durable, and once you’ve got one, you’ll probably never have to replace it. And the Morakniv Bushcraft Black is no exception.

But with a long-lasting knife comes great responsibility in the care and maintenance department. I am, of course, talking about sharpening your knife to keep it at its best.

After all, these outdoor knives are supposed to be life-saving in survival situations, and they certainly can’t be that if they’re dull.

So, stick with me for today’s post and I’ll tell you exactly how to sharpen Morakniv Bushcraft Black knives to keep them razor-sharp and ready for anything!


A Note On Methods

There is more than one way to sharpen a knife, and choosing between the two methods I’ll talk about today really depends on which you feel safest doing.

When you’re sharpening knives, one of the secrets to your success is confidence, because you know you’re safe doing it.

If one of the methods below feels like you’d be at greater risk of injury or accident because you wouldn’t feel safe doing it, then opt for the other one.

Both methods will leave you with an incredibly sharp knife either way.

How To Sharpen Morakniv Bushcraft Black Knives

Sharpening your Morakniv Bushcraft Black is no different to sharpening other knives, so if you’re already familiar with a knife sharpening process, you’re in a good place.

Still, it’s worth reading until the end of this post to see if you can pick up any technique tips and tricks to make things easier and get a better finish on your blade.

Using A Sharpening Steel

OK, so the first method involves sharpening steel. If you don’t have one yet, then Morakniv sells their own, so it’s usually a good idea to pick up sharpening steel from the same manufacturer of the knife since they will have tested it with their knives to make sure they sharpened them, right?

If you head to Morakniv’s website to look for sharpening steel tips, this is the method they recommend.

That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the only way, or even the right way, but it’s the way they talk about on their website.

Anyway, here’s what to do:

  • Get a polished sharpening steel rod – this helps realign the blade’s edge, pushing bent parts of the steel back to the center to create a sharper edge
  • Take your knife and hold it at an angle so that the back of the blade (closest to the handle) is pressed against the tip of the sharpening steel rod
  • Make sure the angle of the blade is such that it follows a straight line to create the sharpest edge
  • Keeping the angle the same, pull the knife down, in a chopping motion, so that the whole blade presses against the steel rod, until the tip of the blade reaches the handle of the steel rod
  • Then repeat the process on the other side of the blade – this is important to make sure the finished edge is even and sharp
  • You can use firm pressure initially to straighten the steel that’s out of place
  • Gradually reduce to very light pressure as the blade sharpens to perfect the knife’s edge
  • USE YOUR EARS: You’ll hear the sharpening process quieten down the sharper the knife gets
  • Make sure you constantly alternate between both sides of the knife
  • When you feel it may be sharp enough, test it – feathering wood is a good idea
  • If you’re happy, then the sharpening is complete, if not, repeat the process a few more times until satisfied

That’s it, that’s all it takes to sharpen your Morakniv Bushcraft Black knife. Just remember too, speed actually doesn’t help at all when you’re sharpening knives.

Yes, you’ll get quicker the more confident you get, but there isn’t any advantage to the sharpness of your knife. So take your time initially, and you’ll naturally get quicker the more times you do it.

Remember to also be careful. Sharpening knives can be dangerous, so just take your time and concentrate on evenly sharpening your blade for the best (and safest) results.

Using Sharpening Stones

A great alternative method is sharpening stones. There are many types of sharpening stones, so you can do your research to find which is best for you if you prefer.

For me, it’s water stones, but you can find the method that works for you. Anyway, let me explain this method some more.

  • If using water stones, make sure they’re wet – this helps create the smooth motion you’re looking for when sharpening
  • Hold the knife and position the blade’s tip at a 20-degree angle on the stone
  • Use your other hand to place your fingers on the blade
  • Use semi-circular movements to sweep the entire blade across the stone, applying even pressure the whole time
  • Again, you can start with more pressure, and get lighter as it sharpens
  • Release the blade after each sweep across the stone
  • You can either A) remember how many times you’ve done it on one side and then flip the blade over and repeat the same number on that side OR B) switch the blade over after each sweep across the stone
  • Either way, repeat the process until the blade is sharpened – again, feathering wood is a good test of sharpness

As you can see, sharpening using sharpening stones is just as easy as sharpening steel, but some people may find it safer to do.

Whichever way you decide to sharpen the knife though, stropping it is a great way to refine the sharp blade and keep it looking and cutting at its best.

Don’t Forget To Strop

Stropping your knife is the key to make it shine, protect the sharp edge, and keep it refined.

First, you’ll need stropping leather to complete this task, so make sure you have some at home. Then, go ahead and follow these steps:

  • Move the back of the knife along the stropping leather along the grain, instead of against it
  • Hold the tip of the blade against the stropping leather and continue to follow the same pattern
  • Stop to look at the blade every now and then – is one part shinier than the other? – if so, adjust the angle until the whole knife gets a mirror finish
  • Apply firm pressure at first, reducing until the weight of the knife itself is the only pressure – this will give the most polished and sharpest edge possible

These finishing touches might not seem like much, but they’ll help maintain the knife’s sharpness too, so you won’t need to sharpen your blade as often to keep it working as it should.

Takeaway Message

Sharpening and stropping your Morakniv Bushcraft Black is the key to keeping it survival-ready. Follow the simple steps I’ve laid out above and your knife will serve you well for years to come!

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