Eberlestock Afterburner Pant Review

Eberlestock is known for producing quality gear that stands up to austere environments, the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant is no different! Let’s review the Eberlestock Afterburner Pants. And It just booted all your other outdoor pants out of the closet.

Eberlestock Afterburner Pant Review

Are you an avid hunter or hiker?  Eberlestock has a pant that was built for these occasions.  Last year after buying Eberlestocks X2 Pack (my absolute favorite tough-as-nails- day pack), I started looking at a few other products they offered.  I was very impressed with the quality of the X2 pack, and I decided it was worth exploring and experiencing the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant. 

I wanted a pair of pants that I could use while out hiking and trekking through the mountains that were not stiff, offered some storage pockets, and lets be honest, looks cool.  Below are some quick facts about the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant.

  • Price: $169.00
  • Four Colors: Mountain, Dry Earth, Skye, and Phantom Grey
  • Eight Sizes: Small (Waist: 28-30, Inseam: 28-30), Medium (Waist: 31-33, Inseam: 29-32), Medium-Long (Waist: 31-33, Inseam: 33-35), Large (Waist: 34-36, Inseam: 32-34, Large-Long (Waist: 34-36, Inseam: 34-36), X-Large (Waist: 37-40, Inseam: 32-34), X-Large-Long (Waist: 37-40, Inseam: 34-36), and XX-Large (Waist: 41-44, Inseam: 33-34)
  • Featuring a Four-way stretch fabric with DWR finish.

Recommended for Early Season/Summer Scouting | Hunting | Hiking

When I was deciding on whether or not to buy these pants, I decided to give Eberlestock’s customer service a call.  Wow! I felt like I was at Chick-Fil-A!  In all seriousness, their customer service was top notch.  The representative walked me through the pants and even discussed sizing with me since I sit on the borderline between a small and medium. 

They gave me the confidence that I was ordering a product I was going to be very satisfied with.  That’s what we want as consumers right!?  To feel confident in the product we are spending our hard earned money on. 

The four-way stretch fabric of Eberlestocks Afterburner Pant is what drew my attention.  The men’s pant industry has evolved significantly over the past few years as companies transition to this type of fabric.  My first time trying on the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant and I knew this was now my go to for all things outdoors.  I purchased my Eberlstock Afterburner Pant in Dry Earth.  I wanted a color I could pair with all different types of tops. 

Eberlestock hit out the park with the Afterburner Pant.  It is technical, versatile, and lightweight.  The four-way stretch fabric and athletic fit give plenty of room to move around and stretch those legs out if you’re climbing up and down a mountain.  The material is polyester that has a DWR finish.  And while the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant is considered an athletic fit, it still gives a close-riding fit for those who like a straight leg fit.

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Eberlestock Afterburner Pant features a tapered cuff that fits nicely over your boots to keep the dirt, mud, snow, rocks, and anything else you encounter out.  The cuff on these pants have skid-plates built in on the inside of the legs, adding more durability.  The stiffness of these skid plates also provide a nice pant opening that slides nice and neatly over your boots.

The knee of the pant has a motion-based construction/stitching once again adding to the unrestrained freedom of movement.  I cannot stress enough how maneuverable you can be in the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant.  The gusseted crotch also enables this freedom of movement and provides all-day comfort. 

Need or want solid pockets on your pants?  No big deal…Eberlestock Afterburner Pant has six pockets you can store stuff in.  The dual front thigh pocket fits an iPhone XR perfectly.  The rear pockets on the back have a zipper for added security.

Worried you might get a little hot while out on the trail or tracking down an animal…don’t be!  The Eberlestock Afterburner Pant is equipped with speed vents to allow active ventilation as you climb.  These speed vents are located on both pant legs along the hamstrings and incorporate a bug screen material to keep any pesky insects that may want to pay you a visit.  This is also a good way to regulate heat to maintain temperature balance all-day no matter what you are doing.

This is a true year-round Pant.  It has a nice soft interior, and because of the material used dries relatively quickly when wet.  So do not be afraid to walk through the stream or river!  If you are going to be in colder conditions, you can easily add a base layer for additional warmth.  The Eberlestock Afterburner Pant provides a nice modern approach that works in the wilderness or on the streets.

As previously stated, I purchased the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant for all things outdoors related.  I wanted a pant that I could take camping, hiking, and hunting that offered comfort, flexibility, and style…yes I said style…looking sharp is always a good vote of confidence for anyone.  All gear is important, but the gear that you wear is essential and you should never cut corners in this department.  For more information about additional essential hiking gear, see my buddy Mikes article here.

If there is one feature that stands out for me it is the softness of the interior of the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant.  The softness allows this pant to avoid any friction spots, chaffing, etc.  It is also a sheer comfort thing.  It also makes it seem like you are lounging in your sweatpants.

If there was one area the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant needs work on is the fastening button.  It is very loose and feels like it is going to pop off at any moment, but it is not.  It is just the way it is affixed to the pant.  Also, the zipper tabs are small.  I assume they designed them this way to lessen the noise while out hunting, but they are small.

Eberlestock Afterburner Pants Review Final Words

Overall, the Eberlestock Afterburner Pant should absolutely be added to your wardrobe.  It will continue to be my go-to pant when I head out to the trails or a weekend in the mountains.  And what does the wife think….well she likes them too! The Eberlestock Afterburner Pants can be purchased here. And like all the gear I review, if anything changes I will keep you updated.  Happy exploring!

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