Overlanding Grills 101: Best Overlanding Grills Available Today

Overlanding is about as fun as it gets. Driving off-road to places unexplored, staying off-the-grid and reconnecting with what really matters, and allowing yourself the freedom to have an adventure like no other.

It all sounds pretty romantic, huh?

But have you ever been 60 miles away from civilization out west, with a crappy grill that looks like it won’t last 5 minutes, never mind the 5-day trip you’d planned in the wilderness?

You have? Well then, this article is for you, because here is where you’ll find the best overlanding grills on the market today, to help you have an overlanding trip with all the fun and none of the stress!


Why Are Overlanding Grills So Useful?

It’s important, before you hear about the best overlanding grills to buy right now, to understand what makes overlanding grills so useful.

That way, if you don’t agree with the list here, you at least know what to look out for. So, why are overlanding grills so useful?

They Pack Up Small

The best thing about an overlanding grill is their ability to pack up small.

Space is at a premium on any overlanding trip, so you need grills that will pack up nicely into small spaces.

Sure, you could have one hell of a feast on a 36″ griddle, but it just isn’t practical.

So look for something compact, and better yet, something that can collapse into multiple pieces and form a convenient little package.

They’re Hardy

Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they should be flimsy.

Those disposable grills you can pick up from the grocery store are great for one time use, but you need something that’ll last the distance while you’re overlanding, and the grills down below will certainly do that.

Small can also be strong when you look for an overlanding grill that’s been built to last!

They Allow You To Cook Great Meals Off-Grid

Obviously, one of the major advantages is being able to cook great meals off-grid.

Taking supplies that don’t need cooking is always a great idea when you’re overlanding, but when you wake up on a Saturday morning after 4 days of cereal bars, you’re going to want to fry some bacon and cook some eggs, right?

And that’s why overlanding grills can make a good trip an amazing one, simply because of the food you can enjoy.

They’re Easy To Care For

This might not be something you’d initially think of, but it’s true. Overlanding grills are much easier to care for than your grills and griddles at home, simply because they’re so much smaller.

This is a huge bonus when you’re out exploring the wilderness, because it gives you more time for your adventures, and means less time spent cleaning grills and cooking equipment.

The Best Overlanding Grills

Below are the grills you really need to check out. You’ll find some of the reasons they’re loved so much by so many overlanding fans below, but there are plenty more reasons to love them, so make sure you do some additional research to find out which is the right grill for you!

Tembo Tusk

Tembo Tusk’s adventure skottle grill is perfect for overlanding. It’s 12″ round cooking surface might seem like it’d be inconvenient to lug around with you.

However, given that it comes with 12.5″ collapsible legs, can all collapse down into a convenient carry bag, and only weighs 2 pounds 11 oz (that’s both the grill itself AND the legs combined), well, you’ve got yourself an overlanding grill that’s worth investing in.

All you need is a camp stove to get it hot, and you’re good to go for delicious meals that can feed the whole family (and guests too, if you find anybody else exploring off the beaten track).


OK, so this option is big compared to the Tembo Tusk one above, as FireDiscs have a 22″ round cooking surface.

BUT, it also breaks down into 3 parts within seconds, has 3 temperature zones so you can keep food warm while cooking others, and is made of ultra-high carbon steel so it’s built to last, and last the distance.

Plus, the size could be anhttps://amzn.to/3mVmtQh advantage depending on how many of you go overlanding together, and it ticks all the other boxes, anyway!

The whole thing works off 16.4 lb propane canisters for maximum portability, so it can come with you on any overlanding trip without problem.

Blackstone 17″

The Blackstone 17″ griddle comes with a bunch of different options – tabletop, with a hood, with a cart – so you can basically buy the griddle that works for you, all from Blackstone themselves.

If you do opt for the cart griddle, then you will use more space in your vehicle, but the legs are telescope style, so they can balance on any surface no matter where you are, which is helpful when overlanding since finding convenient flat land isn’t always possible.

It also has an easy to clean rear grease management system, and Blackstone is such a well-known brand in the grilling world that you know you’re getting a product you can trust.

NOMAD Grill and Smoker

And finally, why not pick up a portable overlanding grill with a twist? Why not add a little smoke to your off-the-grid meal? Well, with the NOMAD grill/smoker you can! In the portability department, this grill is unmatched.

It all folds up into a super lightweight case, but still offers 425 square inches of cooking space, so you get all the convenience of a small overlanding grill, but with the cooking space of something much larger.

And on top of all that, it’s a 2-in-1 grill and smoker, so you can cook however you please! Sure, it’s not cheap, but when you get as much as you’re getting from this grill, it’s worth every cent!

Final Word

So, no matter which overlanding grill you decide to go with, whether it’s one of the ones above or something else entirely, hopefully this article has shown you some of the key things to look out for to make your overlanding trips more enjoyable with an amazing overlanding grill that’s perfect for you!

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