Sleeping Bags for Toddlers: Here’s The Deal

Finding a sleeping bag for your toddler can be tough. Fortunately, we have done the research and have provided this list of the best sleeping bags for toddlers.

Why A Sleeping Bag For a Child Is needed over a Adult Sleeping Bag

Why a “toddler” sleeping bag? Because you have a toddler, that’s why! Ever go into the camping section at the big outdoor retailers just to realize they didn’t carry any sleeping bags for anything other than adults? Or maybe there was a kids sleeping bag but it was cheap and more gimmicky than an actual sleeping bag you need to take to the real outdoors.

Also, if its cold, maybe read up on the Best Winter Tents. We did some digging and researching, what we found was this list of the best sleeping bags for toddlers. Here you go: Psst! While we’re on the topic, check out our Guide to Camping With Kids: 7 Hacks, Tips and S’More!

Sleeping Bags for Toddlers Worth Checking Out

1. Morrison Outdoors Big Mo 20° Sleeping Bag for Kids or Toddlers

Ok, this is functional, but it’s also pretty darn cute. Great for 2 to 4 years old. The material uses thick baffles that will give sufficient warmth to your little baby at night. It comes with an RDS-certified down for maximum warmth down to 20° temperature conditions. This 650-fill power white duck down weighs 13 ounces and packs into an 8×13-inch bag size.

 Other Features Include:

  • The sewn sleeve ends for secure comfort during cold weather
  • a 2-way zipper that runs from end to end, keeping warm air in and cold air out
  • This fits up to 54 inches of height with max shoulder width of 15 inches, max hip width at 17 inches

2. REI Co-op Kindercone 25° Sleeping Bag

Staying out in that fall or a mild winter? Give your young kids a warm, cozy sleep with this 25° sleeping bag. You can extend the length to fit your growing child. The polyester fiberfill is enclosed in a water and scratch-resistant nylon shell. It weighs a little over 3 pounds and fits into a 12×16-inch sack.

 Other Features Include:

  • A loose hood with an adjustable cord
  • a 2-way right-side zipper that does not snag
  • A mummy bag fitting for maximum warmth
  • fits up to 66 inches of height with a max shoulder width of 50 inches, max hip width at 48 inches

3. REI Co-op Radiant 20° Sleeping Bag

This is a 3-season sleeping bag that accommodates temperatures of up to 20°. The 600-fill duck down repels water and the relaxed-fitting gives a snuggly, cozy sleeping time for your kid. It weighs 2 pounds and fits a 7×14-inch bag.

 Other Features Include:

  • insulation distributed equally to suit those who toss and turn during their sleep
  • a contoured hood that lays nicely on a pillow
  • an insulated full-face muffler
  • fits up to 66 inches of height with max shoulder girth of 57 inches, max hip girth at 53 inches

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4. Kelty Callisto 30° Sleeping Bag

This all-around sleeping bag is rectangular and provides a lot of room for your kid to wiggle around. It accommodates temperatures of up to 30°. It fits up to 60 inches of height. This camping gear weighs a little over 1 kg and fits nicely in its 9×15-inch bag.

Other Features Include:

  • a Cloudloft™ synthetic insulation
  • gives a full unzip so you can use it as a blanket
  • a 190T polyester taffeta lining

5. Coleman 30° Sleeping Bag for Kids

This sleeping bag comes in Blue Bandit color your kid will love. This sleeping bag is best for cool weather camp outs. The hood is mummy style and has a contour shape for snug fit around the head. The bag packs lightly.

Other Features Include:

  •  insulation that uses polyester for a good heat retention
  • gives 66 x 26 inches of height and space
  • best for 6-year olds and up
  • maximum height: best at 5 ft.

6. Oaskys 35° Camping Sleeping Bag

This sleeping bag is a 3-Season gear (Summer, Spring, Fall). The lightweight material is waterproof. Comes in cool orange that adults and kids will like. The double fill ensures warmth and protects from damp conditions. The hood is half-circle and uses adjustable strings for a perfect fit.

Other features include:

  • anti-tear polyester outer cover
  • breathable polyester lining
  • the fill is 100% cotton
  • Size comes to 190×75 cm

7. The North Face Youth Eco Trail -20 Degree

This sleeping bag is rated for a whopping -20 degree night. Made for extreme cold weather conditions, this ensures good insulation and warmth. If you are looking for a heavy duty option to protect your child, this is the beast to get.

 Other Features Include:

  • A mummy design for a snug fit at night
  • a semi-sculpted hood uses a drawstring for secure fit
  • the bottom unzips if you need air on warm evenings
  • a quilted material and Thermolock draft tube for maximum heat retention
  • a ZipPlow zipper that do not snag

From these 7 choices of sleeping bags, select one that meets the weather requirements and body size of children. While were here, go check out our guide to How Much Should a Sleeping Bag Weigh? Now, GO GET OUTSIDE!

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